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China: Executive Education Training Program
Beijing, China (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Summer
Program Cost Summer
Fact Sheet:
Academic College: Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Best Fit Majors: Law, Legal Studies, Political Science, Public Administration
Language of Instruction: English Program Options: Faculty-Led
Credits Earned: 6 Faculty Leader: Paolo Farah
Program Description:


China: Executive Education Training Program
china12th Edition - Summer Institute in China - Executive Education Training Program

The Summer Institute in China - Executive Education Training Program has been established in year 2006 and in the Summer 2017 it will be held the 12th Edition. This program is organized in Beijing in partnership with gLAWcal – Global Law Initiatives or Sustainable Development (United Kingdom), University of Milan, Department of Italian and Supranational Public Law (Italy), University of Turin, Department of Law (Italy), University of Calgary Law School (Canada), Lund University Faculty of Political Sciences (Sweden), University of Provence Aix Marseille I - CNRS Centre of Comparative Epistemology and Ergology (France) and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain). The approval from the WVU OIP would further formalize the inclusion of WVU as organizing institution.

The following institutions are also affiliated to the Summer program: University of Eastern Piedmont Faculty of Economics (Italy), University of Pavia, Faculty of Law (Italy), Catholic University of Milan Faculty of Law (Italy), University of Insubria (Como) Faculty of Law (Italy), University of Verona, Department of Law  (Italy) University of Napoli Federico II Law School.

The Program includes two parallel curricula. The first curriculum is called “Summer Institute on Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Protection” (SICCEP) or more precisely Law, Policy, Economics and Technology on Climate Change and Environmental issues. It addresses issues such as energy policies, environment law and sustainable development, intellectual property and technology innovation. The second curriculum is called “Summer Institute on Intellectual Property Rights and China” (IP-China).

The Summer Institute will include the following topics:

Introduction to Chinese Law, Institutions, and Politics
Environment, Science, and Society: a Philosophical Introduction
Introduction to Chinese Intellectual Property Law and Technology Transfer
Law, Policy, and Economics of Climate Change and Energy
European, American, and Chinese Approaches to Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Policy
Nudging the Dragon? Environmental Policy Making and Behavior Change in China   
Internet Law
Guest Speaker Module – Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Protection: an “On the Field” Perspective
Guest Speaker Module - Chinese Law and Intellectual Property Law: Lawyers and Practitioners Perspective

This Program is multidisciplinary and is aimed at students, young graduates and professionals with a background in law, political sciences, international relations, public administration, philosophy, economics, environmental sciences, engineering, geology, geography, phisics and any other relevant discipline that can be related to the topics of the program.

Teaching Method

The method used will be very similar to the socratic method used in US law school. We will try to create interaction within the class and strong participation from all students is expected

Class Material

The material for the course will be provided in electronic formats to all admitted students a few weeks before the beginning of the program.  


The students will be tested through the submission of papers, in-class exams as well as oral presentations.

Campus Facilities

Each student will be provided with a Student Card which will allow them in the library as well as in the canteen of the school. Each student will also be given a code to connect to the internet inside the campus.

Round Tables

The Summer Institute provides a number of presentations involving experts of Chinese law, politics and culture, environment, sustainable development and intellectual property as well as experts in the specific themes covered by the different classes 


All students passing the exams will get a certificate. Attending both curricula allow students to get two certificates. Exams are not compulsory; students who decided not to take them will get a participation certificate, but no  credits.
Internship Program

The Summer Institute includes also a broad offer of internships in China, Europe and other countries for the youngest participants, as well as a job offers for the professionals and executive participants.

The participants to the Summer Institute can have access to the internship program whenever it is best for them accordingly to their own University and professional commitments. The Team of the Summer program will try to arrange the internship period taking in consideration such commitments. Some participants to the past editions started their internship immediately after the end of the summer program, while others enrolled even several years later.
In the past, Summer Institute participants who requested an internship were always able to get one and have undertaken internships at institutions like the European Union Delegation in Beijing, the European Commission in Brussels, IPR Desk in Beijing (Italian Trade Commission Beijing Branch), the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China (CCIC) in Beijing, Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) in Bruxelles, AXA MPS in Dublin, Franzosi dal Negro Pensato Setti, Attorneys at Law, Milan Branch and Beijing Branch, Studio Legale Lega Colucci, Milan Branch; Milan Chamber of Commerce in Milan, Orrick Law Firm in Milan; S.J Berwin LLP; Nunziante Magrone Law Firm; the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy of Berlin.

Mentoring - Internship/Job Fair

Individual mentoring to prepare the interviews and the applications (review of the CVs, motivation letters and essays) will be also provided. During the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 editions, several mock interviews and real job fair/interviews have been held by the coordinator and the teaching assistants. For the 2017 edition, the organizers are planning similar events and trainings.

All the participants will be provided with one to one interviews to discuss their professional interests and to plan their perspective studies and job experiences accordingly. For the young graduates and professionals, sessions of mentoring are scheduled also on how to further develop their professional career in potential new directions or advise on networking activities.

Since the very first edition of the Summer Institute in China (2006), all the participants become part of a network (alumni) and keep receiving internships or job offers on a weekly/monthly basis.

Feel free to contact Dr. Farah at


City: Bejing

Country: China

Population: 11.51 million

Information: Beijing, China’s massive capital, has history stretching back 3 millennia. Yet it’s known as much for its modern architecture as its ancient sites such as the grand Forbidden City complex, the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Nearby, the massive Tiananmen Square pedestrian plaza is site of Mao Zedong’s mausoleum and the National Museum of China, displaying a vast collection of cultural relics.

Places of Interest:
Temple of Heaven
Ming Tombs
Great Wall of China


2 WVU Course Options:

PUBA 593A: SPTP:  Sustainable Devlop/China
PUBA 593B: SPTP:  Intellectual Prop/China


Dr. Paolo Farah


Program Cost: * Does not include airfare
* 6 WVU Course Credits
* Program Enrollment Fees
* Lodging in China
* Comprehensive Travel and Health Insurance
* Professionals and Guest Speaker Series
* Internship Program and Job Placement
* Mentoring and Professional Development Meetings
* Life Alumni Association Mailing List of Offers and Opportunities

Billing for the summer 2017 programs will occur upon registration into the courses associated with the Education Abroad program in STAR. The payment deadlines for the program will be the same as WVU Summer Semester Tuition and Fees. Registration will occur in mid-March, students will receive correspondence from OGA with registration instructions upon acceptance into the program after the application deadline. All payments are due in full before trip departure. Payments can be made through STAR or by contacting the Mountaineer HUB at (304) 293-4006.


Visa Required for US Citizens? Yes

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