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Spain: Santander
Santander, Spain (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Summer
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Program Cost Summer
Fact Sheet:
Academic College: Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Best Fit Majors: Foreign Languages, Spanish
Language of Instruction: Spanish Program Options: Faculty-Led
Credits Earned: 6 Faculty Leader: Angel Tuninetti, Rafael Osuna Montanez
Program Description:


Spain: Santander

The Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, and the Office of Global Affairs are pleased to offer Summer Spanish Study in Spain 2017.  Students will study at the Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo (UIMP) in Santander.  Santander, located on the Bay of Biscay, is a famous summer resort in northern Spain.  Numerous international students study Spanish language and culture at UIMP each summer.


City: Santander

Country: Spain

Population: 175,736

Information: Santander is a wonderful city located in the north of Spain. The northern regions of Spain are often the less spoiled by tourism and also less know to foreign visitors, but the north of Spain keeps some of the jewels of the country: amazing landscapes and charming beaches, friendly peoples and nature preserves.

Santander is the main city of Cantabria (Spanish region), it has around 185.000 inhabitants and is a middle-large size city that spreads along the bay. There are several beaches and harbours limiting the city on the northern side, towards the southern part you'll find the old city centre and a bit further the green mountains. We could say that Santander is between the blue and the green.

In the 19th century the city was a renowned tourist resort for Spanish politicians, aristocrats and for the upper class. The city still keeps wonderful palaces and promenades, a bay type architecture with white buildings, old cafés and its famous casino.

This is undoubtedly one of the Spanish cities that you cannot miss when travelling to Spain. Santander is still an important tourism destination in Spain , especially among Spaniards themselves. Besides its appeal as a holiday resort, the city is becoming an important centre for congresses and conferences. Additionally, the whole region of Cantabria has a wide range of opportunities and excursions for exploring the nature, with beautiful mountains, prehistoric sites, sky resorts, beautiful villages and world heritage sites.

Places of Interest:
Magdalena Peninsula
Altamira Caves
Santander Cathedral


Students take six credit hours, either SPAN 200 (equivalent to 203-204) or two Spanish upper-division courses that count for the Spanish major or minor. 

Associated program courses:
SPAN 200. Intensive Intermediate Spanish. 6 Hours. PR: SPAN 102 or SPAN 100 or consent. The equivalent of SPAN 203 and 204 combined into one course.

SPAN 370. Adv Spanish Language-Spain. 3 Hours. PR: SPAN 204 or SPAN 200 or score of 494 or higher on placement test. Overview of reading writing, listening and speaking skills taught on location, as part of a faculty-led summer program in Spain.

SPAN 371. Intro:Spanish Culture-Spain. 3 Hours. PR: SPAN 204 or SPAN 200 or a score of 494 or higher on placement test. Overview of Spanish culture taught on location as part of the faculty-led summer program in Spain.

Span 200
Course objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: 
1) SPEAK Spanish well enough to describe, narrate, react and recommend, compare, talk about the future, and hypothesize about most familiar topics and about the resources discussed in the course.
2) COMPREHEND spoken Spanish with sufficient ability to grasp the main idea and most of the supporting details in short conversations and in more extended and formalized presentations--both prepared and spontaneous--that relate to topics with which they have some degree of familiarity.
3) READ AND UNDERSTAND the main idea and most details of both edited and non-edited material, including both literal and figurative meaning.
4) WRITE coherent sentences, paragraphs, short essays and opinion pieces on familiar topics, and respond in writing to the ideas and opinions of others.
5) COMPARE and CONTRAST the target culture, Spain, with students’ own. Through authentic readings, discussions, and cultural presentations students will become aware of the cultural differences that exist between Spain and the United States.

Span 370 371 Course objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to do the following:
Grammatical knowledge
* Identify the grammatical function of a word in context.
* Form the present, past, and future tenses (in indicative, conditional, and subjunctive moods) of regular and commonly used irregular verbs.
* Manipulate accurately common tense sequences in controlled contexts.
* Make appropriate gender and number agreements when focused on the need to do so.
* Understand pronouns (direct object, indirect object, relative, interrogative) in context, and choose and place them accurately when focused on their use. 

Reading and writing skills
* Make effective use of a bilingual dictionary and grammar reference.
* Recognize and use appropriate discourse strategies for organizing and linking ideas and for avoiding unnecessary redundancy.
* Develop audience awareness. 

Communicative functions
* Describe in present time and, with improving accuracy, in past and future tense.
* Narrate in present time and, with improving accuracy, in past and future tense.
* Develop strategies to be able to support an opinion.
* Develop strategies to express hypotheses.
* Employ conversational strategies and practical vocabulary to help you function in different situations.
* Develop knowledge of culturally relevant content areas of the Spanish-speaking world.


Dr. Angel Tuninetti
Dr. Rafael Osuna Montanez



Program Cost 4,700  *Does not include airfare
* 6 WVU Course Credits
* Lodging and Transportation
* Most Meals
* Programmatic Activities and Excursions
* Comprehensive Travel and Health Insurance

Billing for the summer 2017 programs will occur upon registration into the courses associated with the Study Abroad program in STAR. The payment deadlines for the program will be the same as WVU Summer Semester Tuition and Fees. Registration will occur in mid-April, students will receive correspondence from OGA with registration instructions upon acceptance into the program after the application deadline. All payments are due in full before trip departure. Payments can be made through STAR or by contacting the Mountaineer Hub at (304) 293-4006.


Visa Required for US Citizens? No

Useful Links:
How to Apply for a US Passport

Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2018 02/01/2018 ** Rolling Admission 06/28/2018 07/21/2018

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.