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Program Types WVU offers three standard types of programs. These program types can be summarized as:
  • Exchange - These programs cover a majority of the semester length programs. In these programs a student generally will be enrolling at a foreign institution and taking courses offered there, then transferring the credits back to WVU. Most students will take part as an individual, not as part of a group.
  • Faculty-led - These programs range from one week to a full semester, with the majority lasting 3-4 weeks in the summer term. In these programs students are generally enrolled in WVU courses taught or overseen by WVU faculty members. Usually students will travel as part of a group of WVU students and be led by a WVU faculty member.
  • Affiliate - These programs cover a wide range of options offered by third-party companies affiliated with WVU. Credits earned on these programs will be issued by either a foreign or domestic institution, then transferred to WVU.
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