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Advisor : Listing

To start planning your study abroad experience, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our office using the link below. Your first appointment may be handled by one of our peer advisors – students that have studied abroad and understand the process. They can help you navigate your options and select a program that fits your needs.

Our office is teleworking and available through multiple platforms: Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, or by phone.

Student appointments are required.

Students should treat these meetings as they would an appointment in the Office of Global Affairs: timely, professional behavior, and appropriately dressed in a place free of noise and outside distraction. Inappropriate behavior during virtual appointments will be reported as required by the WVU Student Code of Conduct.

Documents may be delivered electronically to:
Senior Advisor
This table shows a listing of staff members.
Name Email Phone
Michelle Concepcion unavailable
Megan Ramirez unavailable